The Uniqueness of Domain Names

One of the best things about domain names is that they are unique. The owner of a domain name can relax in the knowledge that nobody else can use that domain name at the same time. This is because all domain names are recorded in a database, and each record in the database must be unique. This uniqueness is also what makes some domain names quite valuable, which we will address later in this guide.

Always remember that when we talk about “owning” a domain name, we really mean the exclusive right to use that name. It is not possible to own a domain name outright, and you will have to pay a periodic (generally an annual fee) renewal fee to keep this “right to use” your domain name. Also, since you don’t own the name itself, under certain circumstances, a court (or a committee with authority over the Registry database) can take your “right to use” a domain name away, particularly if you are involved in a trademark infringement case.