Introduction to Domain Names

With over 100 million domain names registered to date, including over 80 million names ending in .com, the market for domain names is massive and continues to grow significantly! An entire industry developed around the buying and selling of domain names, with its own rules and regulations, an eclectic cast of characters, and even a few con artists.

If you are trying to run an online business, you’ll need a domain name to build your credibility. You can also use a domain name to make a statement, or simply to give yourself a unique identity on the Internet. You can use domain names to collect a residual income, or you can buy and sell domain names as investments.

This domain guide will:

  • Explain what domain names are and why you should buy one.
  • Help you to choose the best names and select a good company to register those names with.
  • Teach you to avoid the snares and traps of unscrupulous organizations.

Plus, you’ll get a unique view of the domain name industry from the point of view of website owners, domain name sellers, Registrars, Registries and online marketers.

Let’s start at the beginning by taking a look at what a domain name is and why you need one.